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Jenna: Waiting to cut in Montana

Not a lot has happened since I last wrote. Mom and Dad arrived in Jordan in the afternoon of Aug. 7, after finishing our job in Limon, Colo. Since we received some rain last week and it has been cool … finish reading Jenna: Waiting to cut in Montana

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Jenna: Jordan, Montana

My little sisters and I have been fending for ourselves for the past few days, as our parents have been finishing our job in Limon, Colo., while we wait in Jordan, Mont. We couldn’t have been split at a more opportune … finish reading Jenna: Jordan, Montana

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Jada: Green wheat greets us

Everything is green in South Dakota- including the wheat. Here is a picture taken while we were driving home from Gettysburg. Since the wheat is so green, it will be a week or so before we can cut. We finished up … finish reading Jada: Green wheat greets us

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Jada: “Where the battle wasn’t fought”

In order to be able to make our trip to S.D. in one day, we got up and left Limon, Colo.,  at sunrise. That was early for us! When we are at a stop too long, I start to get anxious … finish reading Jada: “Where the battle wasn’t fought”

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Jenna: Sights from the road

We left Limon, Colo., on Saturday morning for the 700-mile trip to our final stop for the summer in Jordan, Mont. We made it as far as Moorcroft, Wyo., that night. We got up early on Sunday morning and made it … finish reading Jenna: Sights from the road

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