Steph: Where Does the Time Go?

StephNEW_thumbnailBrandon and I joke that the two and a half days it takes to reach our first harvest destination feel as though it takes the same amount of time as the entire harvest run. It may have started out as a joke, but it has evolved into the real deal. Once we get our headers in the field and our heads back in harvest mode, time has a way of escaping us and next thing we know, we are rolling back into our hometown. We consider ourselves lucky to experience this because it’s a subconscious reminder that we love what we do.

Harvest around home is going to start soon, I promise! I know I keep saying that but Mother Nature always has a plan of her own. The 10 acre patch of barley is all we have completed so far but…alright, I’m not going to jinx it and say when we might harvest, we will just go with SOON. I think I speak for everyone in all of Walsh County when I say the harvest anticipation has hit maximum capacity!

Since graduating college in May, I have been asked one question countless times; “Well, now what are you gonna do?” I know I have given countless answers (backpack across Europe, become a country singer, the usual post-college solutions), but I now have somewhat of a plan! I have accepted a position to assist in the construction of a new seed conditioning plant that is being built in my hometown. This will allow me to stick around throughout harvest and still help dad as much as I can, while still joining the adult world. I also have a trip to Australia planned for the middle of September for two weeks and cannot contain my excitement! It’s bound to be a flurry of a fall.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all our readers out there. The readers are what makes this whole project worthwhile. Sparking those harvest memories in others and hearing about them is definitely one of my favorite aspects of it. I have loved the opportunity to be a member of the AAWH crew for the past few years. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back next year too! I don’t rule anything out of my future plans these days. Biggest thanks go out to High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture for making this all possible!

Until next time, happy harvest!

Quote of the Day: “Grind em till you find em.”

You might be a harvester if…once you experience harvest, nothing can keep you away from it.

Here are my favorite photos from the year!

Favorite. St. Francis, Kan.

St. Francis, Kan.

Favorite. St. Francis, Kan.

St. Francis, Kan.

Favorite. St. Francis, Kan.

St. Francis, Kan.

Favorite. Jet, Okla.

Jet, Okla.

Favorite. St. Francis, Kan.

St. Francis, Kan.

Favorite. St. Francis, Kan.

St. Francis, Kan.

Favorite. Hemingford, Neb.

Hemingford, Neb.

Favorite. Hemingford, Neb.

Hemingford, Neb.

Crew photo of 2013.

Crew photo 2013! Osowski Ag Service thanks everyone for the opportunity to share our lifestyle and stories from the harvest trail!

All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture. Steph can be contacted at

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12 Responses to Steph: Where Does the Time Go?

  1. Rita Bennett says:

    Thanks to your fantastic blogs, I feel like I made it to Kansas and other states for the 2014 wheat harvest. Now I know I’m definitely putting it on my travel bucket list for 2015. Perhaps we can catch up with you at field or elevator next year and experience wheat harvest firsthand, up close and personal. Still want to see multiple combines in the same field. Now that we are retired small-time grain farmers I can “go see” how the big boys do it in the wide open great plains. Again thanks for “taking us along” with you this summer.

  2. Larry Klein says:

    Thanks, Steph, I have enjoyed your posts. Best of luck with the new job.

  3. Judy says:

    Here’s a BIG hug of gratitude for taking the time to write your stories and taking all those Wondrous pictures.
    Happy future to you and yours.

  4. Doug Rich says:


    Thanks for another great year and best of luck for whatever you do in the future.
    Have fun on your trip.

    Doug Rich
    High Plains Journal

  5. Tom Stegmeier says:

    Enjoy your trip to AUS. Worked there in 05. Morree NSW. You have to try the baramundy fish & the shrimp, Hahn beer is great,Bundaberg rum is terrible. No warrries mate she be rite!!!

  6. Tom Stegmeier says:

    Enjoy your trip to AUS. Worked there in 05. Morree NSW. You have to try the baramundy fish & the shrimp, Hahn beer is great,Bundaberg rum is terrible. No warrries mate she be rite!!!

  7. charles durham says:

    Best of LUCK in your future have enjoy you reports for the last 3 years.

  8. Frank Johannsen says:

    I have enjoyed your Pictures and comments over the last years.
    My dad and I and 1 other started custom harvesting in 1944.
    We started near Vernon Texas and ended up near Williston ND. and south of Harden Montana on the indian reservation [St.Xavier]
    There were no self propelled combins yet.
    we had a 1941 W-9 International tractor and a1941 Gleanor Baldwin pull type combine.
    We put the header in the box of a 1939 ford V8 truck . The grain wheel could then be slide in next to the machine so it was no wider than the tractor.
    It took I and another boy 3 days to go from Angora [south of Alliance NE.] to Vernon TX.
    We started at daylight and drove till dark. The tractor would run all day on a tank of gas and we took turns driving the tractor to eat so it never stopped.
    We got one of the first self propelled IHC machines and then traded it for a much improved machine.
    In 1949 Dad decided he did not want to depend on hired men to do the summer fallowing so I started farming.
    He continued on for another 10 years
    In the early 1950’s I got involved with a group of Nebraska wheat growers to start a Wheat growers organization .
    It was successful and I ended up being on the State executive board
    in1970 which lead to be president in 1975-76. That led to being on the executive board if the National Wheat growers Assoc. and President in 1988.
    I knew Megan Rolands, probably Grand dad at Hemingford. He was a good What grower member. I live about 45 miles south of his farm.

    I wish you success in what ever you decide to do and I am sure that you will have fond memories of your wheat harvesting years .



  9. Christi Meyer says:

    I don’t know how old you were when we became owners of Meyer Camper Court but I know the year was 1997. I remember Katiana looking forward to the Osowski’s arriving at camp each year. Even though we sold the campground, I have enjoyed watching you grow up on facebook. Especially the last year. You have grown into a spectacular young lady and I’m sure whatever you do, you will be a success1

  10. Grama Polly says:

    Hi, Steph sure did love every time you wrote and the lovely pictures ,I enjoyed them every day,looking forward to them, wishing you the best ever always, you are so special, and so proud of you, love always.

  11. Candi Rathe says:

    Great story & pictures & good luck in the future – I’m sure you accomplish great things !!

  12. Tom Taylor says:

    Steph, thank you so much for the wonderful blogs and photography you supplied this year for AAWH. Your photography is excellent and the blogs make me want to join next year’s harvest! Have a wonderful “off season”, if there is one, and let’s pray that next year brings a bountiful harvest for all farmers!

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